Young Adults

Young adulthood is such an exciting time of transformation and important decisions that shape one's future. It is a beautiful opportunity to direct one’s life path from a place of self-knowledge, support, and empowerment. Young adulthood is a chance to resolve childhood patterns and traumas–thereby opening the door to one’s true strengths, passions, and purpose.

Working with young adults is a special area of focus for many of our practitioners. We believe that developing and clarifying one’s personal identity is a huge task for this age group and unfolds more successfully with support.
Group of young adults socializing togetherGroup of young adults socializing together
We, therefore, work to develop accepting and open relationships with our clients so that their true selves can emerge within the context of care and connection. We also enjoy teaching young adults how to find emotional balance using techniques such as mindfulness and self-compassion.
If you would like to start on this journey, we would love to hear from you.