Man counseling a man in a wheelchair with trauma issuesMan counseling a man in a wheelchair with trauma issues
Many of our therapists are experts in working with trauma and PTSD, having spent years of in-depth study in this arena. What we have learned is that most everyone has experienced some degree of trauma in their lives. While trauma or PTSD can be triggered by incredibly frightening events such as relational abuse or a near-death experience, it can also result from more chronic forms of stress, such as emotional neglect, shame, bullying, etc. Some telltale signs of trauma or PTSD are either too much arousal (as in anxiety, vigilance, or constantly rushing) or too little arousal (as in depression, numbness, or lethargy). In addressing one’s trauma, it is helpful to work with someone who understands how to navigate the emotions and memories that come up, helping you to feel safe and empowered within the process.
Somatic forms of trauma therapy can be helpful in bringing back both the sense of calm and the sense of vitality that trauma takes away.​​​ Resolving trauma or PTSD is a powerful way to transform one’s life. If you have unresolved experiences from any stage of your life, reach out.